“The obstacles to democracy have little to do with culture or religion, and much more to do with the desire of those in power to maintain their position at any cost.”
Kofi Annan
Democracy has many meanings but each one of us gives it sense and sound through our experiences and behaviors. The definition of democracy is basically the rule of the people, but its implementation has brought a great complexity and diversity from a large variety of concepts and ideas used at different periods of history and in different situations. Aristotle found the comparison between being ruled by the many and being ruled by the few; since there he stayed that being ruled by the many would be the best way to find a common and happier resolution at any situation. Nowadays, as Kofi Annan said, there are so many obstacles to democracy but their root is POWER. Today, power is the most important value for a human being, because moral values are getting lost with so much technology and freedom, which starts becoming libertinism. We have to worry about the new and present war where democracy fights against the corruption and interests’ monster. Democracy is the way our culture teaches us to behave but actually the basis of the society, as family, does not teach it because these nuclear and basic circles are disoriented and almost lost. The world democracy usually represents only a word, which is used to sound special and honest but in the “real world” it is an empty quite voice that gets lost as soon as it is pronounced. Democracy is needed every day in the daily life were injustice and revenge are used by the ones who have the power, who were elected in a representative way, who were voted by their reliable followers, that people who cheat in the first moment they can. The only people who can make the difference are any one of us who have the power inside, waiting for raise and fight for our rights, to struggle for the things that have a real meaning, a real and necessary reason to live. Remember, democracy is a form of government. While the term democracy is typically used in the context of a political state, the principles are also applicable to other groups and organizations. Democracy is the ideal form to work and be happy with the resolutions, to grow as a team, together. In the present day, POWER is the heaviest word, it starts and finishes wars, it makes countries act or stay in peace, but with globalization and forgetting democracy it would be such a chaos. In conclusion, nobody can fight for us, as it is well-known democracy is made by all the voices together, where the loudest voice would be the one which is formed by the majority. The power has to be the one which represents the best option and the best way to use it.
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